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Choose an appropriate grade of ride for your ability. Review the RWGPS link to view the actual route with elevation and grade changes. Riders should NOT sign up for rides beyond their ability. Beginners and novices are strongly advised to select easy and short distance rides to start with and progress up the grading scale as they gain experience, fitness and are challenged by more difficult rides. Click here for grade information.

Check for Ride Update forum to make sure there are no update messages regarding the ride. Click here for direct access.

Bring a helmet, water bottle, ID and cell phone. All riders must wear a helmet for safety.  Riders without helmets will not be allowed to participate in club rides. If riding at night, lights and reflectors are required.

Download the Ride With GPS route (optional). The link should be included in the event description. Check out the club's library.

All riders should maintain their bikes and carry supplies to fix any flats that occur. The ride leader is not required to fix flats but should not leave any riders stranded on their own unless agreed to by the rider.  

Be considerate of the businesses and other drivers at the start location. Do not block traffic or park where you will compete with the local business parking.

All rides start promptly at the listed start time. It is the rider’s responsibility to arrive early enough to assemble their gear and sign in prior to the listed start time. The ride will not be delayed due to late arrivals.  

Pay careful attention to the ride leader’s directions. You don’t want to miss important safety instructions, route changes or the sign-out roster location. All participants are expected to start the club ride following the pre-ride announcements.  Exceptions can be arranged with the ride leader.

Bikehiker rides are group rides. Thus it is expected that most riders will adhere to the established route. Talk to the ride leader if you would like to make any adjustments regarding the route. This might include riding at a slower pace, riding the first half of the route before the second half or requesting to alter the route length. Many adjustments will result in the rider not being swept for a portion of the ride.

Remember to sign out or notify the ride leader of your return

All riders are expected to be courteous to car drivers, follow the rules of the road and ride in a safe manner since they are representing the Sacramento Bike Hikers.

Maintain a safe distance between yourself and the next rider at all times and be watchful of cars, especially in parking lots.

Finally, be familiar with our Safety Guidelines and E-Bike Policy.