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SBH Ride Updates

8:00 START - Saturday Wilson Ride

Well, I did it again. I opted to start this ride at 8:00 as there is some climbing later in the medium and long routes and wanted to get those riders in before it got too hot. And - I succeeded - because the temperature is dropping tomorrow. 🙃 It will be a little chilly at the 8:00 ride start but should be good for riding a few hills later.

The long and medium routes go up Wilson from the EDH Blvd side with the long having a few optional "bumps" along the way. The short route simply crosses Wilson. All go up Iron Point and, therefore, Costco Hill. I will be sweeping the medium at a very moderate pace so hope you can join us and have another opportunity to get in some hill practice early on so you're ready to tackle more and more as the year goes along.


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