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SBH Ride Updates

Friday Gold River - 8:00 Start

Hi All,

A reminder that Friday's ride out of Gold River has an 8:00 start time. While a bit earlier than usual in May, it is intended to ensure those opting for the longer and hillier ride get back before it is too warm.

Hopefully, there is an option for all. They all go up Iron Point (yes, includes Costco Hill ;>) and an opportunity to practice that early in the season so it is not a game stopper for future rides throughout the year. I welcome those who want to ride the short ride and do Costco hill at their own pace. Short riders can have coffee and return or have a Bella breakfast while waiting for the medium riders to join you.  For all it is a short return.

I will sweep the medium route

Hope to see you Friday at 8:00,


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