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SBH Ride Updates

Run to Feed the Hungry

I need folks to sign up ASAP to support the Run to Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Morning. We have been doing this with the Wheelmen for over 15 years. We are home by noon. You can either meet us at 5 Points to ride in at 7AM or meet us at the Scottish Rite Parking Lot Check in Point at 0730. I need your name E-Mail and T Shirt Size. Our job is fun (We monitor corners keeping traffic off barricaded roads to protect the runners). My E-Mail is

John Grady (916)284-7279

Heya, John--
  I'll work the run, but be advised that I have a mixed history with this run, so my offer is contingent on a non-negotiable condition: I'll serve as a roving course monitor but not at a stationary post (way too boring). (I've worked as a stationary course marshal at the SF Grand Prix, which wasn't boring, but that's a different thing altogether.) I don't know if the course still employs rovers, but almost 20 years ago I suggested the idea to the run's volunteer coordinator, who passed it along to the organizer, and it was well received. So on the few occasions I worked the run after that I was always on a bike.
  Having multiple rovers is a good move because they can troubleshoot the course. One time I found that a controlled intersection had been abandoned, so I recruited a bystander to man that location. (When I passed the spot later he was gone, but I assume he was there for a while anyway. I've no idea what happened to the people assigned to that intersection.)
  I stopped working the run because one year they treated the volunteers with blatant disregard (e.g. they ran out of snacks/etc. early on, and what had been available was pretty paltry anyway compared to previous years), and they even gave away my swag to the wrong person so I got nothing. While I didn't volunteer to just get stuff, I don't tolerate mistreatment; I expect volunteers to be appreciated and respected (and the ones at home base properly trained), and as far as I'm concerned the run's organizer really dropped the ball that year. This was a long time ago and I'm hoping things are better now, so I'll give it another shot if I can rove the course.
  Assuming roving monitors are either still being used or you can arrange for me to fill that role orherwise, my t-shirt size is SM. I'll assume the t-shirt is to be the only volunteer perk and adjust my expectations accordingly...but if that gets screwed up again somebody's gonna catch an earful.
  I'll look for a confirmation of my participation a few days ahead of the run, and in the absence of same will assume I am not working.

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