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SBH Ride Updates

South Area Route Updates
Due to the closure of several levee trails by the Army Corps of Engineers and perhaps the City/County/State, I have had to update a number of the south area routes. Therefore it's important to check the ride descriptions in the event calendar for the updated RWGPS route IDs. Some revisions were filed just this week, so RWGPS cuesheets may not be available for a few days.
  Also on the calendar you'll find an increased number of south area rides. In addition to the standard Friday outings I've posted rides on Thursdays that tend to offer longer routes.
  All rides start at 9 AM at Barrio, except for Whitey's (9:30 @ Barrio) and Dinky Diner (9 @ Rush River). Rides are scheduled as follows through Oct. 20 and will resume in early Nov. after the Monterey Tour. 

F 4--Bert's Diner
F 11--Tree House
F 18--Cottage Mart
Th 24--Whitey's
F 25--Freeport Bakery
Th 31--Tree House

F 1--Shorty's
Th 7--Cafe Bernardo, Davis
F 8--Cottage Mart
Th 14--Bert's Diner
F 15--Freeport Bakery
Th 21--Bigrigs
F 22--Shorty's
Th 28--Dinky Diner
F 29--Whitey's

Th 5--Cafe Bernardo, Davis
F 6--Tree House
Th 12--Bert's Diner
F 13--Cottage Mart
Th 19--Bigrigs
F 20--Shorty's

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