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SBH Ride Updates

Friday and Saturday Rides
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Hi Gang,

It looks like we are going to have a few days of moderate summer weather before another 100+ degree week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed the forecast stays that way for the rides I'm leading for Friday and Saturday.

The Friday ride is an easy 32 miles from Five Points out to Starbucks in the Anatolia neighborhood with ~350 feet of gain.  We will be on the canal for a bit but not through the tunnel.   That Starbucks has a nice patio and with our short ride, should allow for some visiting time with fellow riders before short ten miles+ back home. 
The link is here and on the club site under Starbucks Anatolia-1A 

The Saturday ride, Going Loopy in EDH, has two options and either are good practice if you are going on the upcoming tours.  Since we will be "circling" the EDH Starbucks, there are opportunities to add Guadalupe to the shorter or change returns for either which I'll point out at the ride start and both are an opportunity to meet and greet the guy in the attachment. Either way, we should be in before it gets too hot.

The shorter basic route with a gain of ~1950 feet is for those looking for some hill practice as well as to become acquainted or re-acquainted with Malcom-Dixon and the Loch loop so they are familiar and known when seen it future routes.   Since it is only 23 miles, it is a good opportunity to try those loops without too many additional miles.  

The longer route has additional loops of Mormon Island, Guadalupe and a Ridgecrest return for a gain of ~2500 feet in 29 miles (I could get in an extra mile to make it 30 Emoji) for a bit of hill fun and challenge. 

I first put a version of this ride on in 2014 so a bit of a birthday for it even though some changes over the years.  Yes, that one had 43 miles and, perhaps, we'll see it again when the hot weather is not so much a part of our discussion.

See ya,
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