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Husick's Revolving Door
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According to an announcement on Facebook, Husick's in Clarksburg--which is a destination on one of my Barrio routes--is yet again changing hands, as of the end of June. The venue had sat idle for a great stretch of months until the current owners brought it back into service a year or so ago. Now they've decided it's more than they can handle. It doesn't sound as if the doors will again close for a period, but who knows...? By the way, I have a ride scheduled to Husick's tomorrow (Sar.).
  Here's the text of the FB post:

Hey everyone, It is bitter sweet for us to announce that there is a changing of the guard for Husick’s.
This past year has been an incredible experience that we are so grateful for. From the people we met and what we were able to do for all of you. With that being said, we have spent a considerable amount of time thinking this over and ultimately have decided that Husick’s and the community need more than what we can give. With our family and careers, we just can’t put the time and effort into making Husick’s what it can be. That’s where Matt comes in!
Matt is professional chef who brings to the table a wealth of restaurant experience. Matt is no stranger to the industry and understands the importance Husick’s has to the community. Matt’s vision for Husicks is exactly what it needs to be great and we can’t wait to see it happen.
Sunday, June 30th will be our last day as the stewards of Husick’s… but… it is the first day you guys can come by and meet Matt!
June 30th will be a celebration of Husick’s and our community!
Until then, we hope to see all of you stop by one more time before our chapter comes to a close!
This isn’t “goodbye” more of a “see you later”
See ya real soon!
-Tyler and Miranda
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