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Reminder about 8 AM Start Tomorrow for Ride to Len...
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Just sending out a reminder that my ride to Lenise’s Cafe in West Sac starts at 8 AM tomorrow from the northeast corner of South Hills Shopping Center near Barrio. The temperatures look pretty good (67-83F between 8 am and noon) and the wind is not too bad (7-9 mph). There are 4 routes: 2 gravel (short and long) and 2 road (short and long). The gravel routes are mostly road with some gravel sections, so a cross bike or gravel bike with wider knobbier tires would be better than a mountain bike. I have modified all the routes so that we ride the entire length of the new Del Rio trail, using the south end at the beginning and the north end at the end of ride. These changes cut about 3 miles off all of the routes, mostly in the first half. The upside is it means you get to the rest stop sooner. 😁

Here are the links for the RWGPS routes:

Gravel, short:

Gravel, long:

Road, short:

Road, long:

Hope you decide to join us.

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