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SBH Ride Updates

Q3 Barrio Rides
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The Barrio rides for Q3 have been posted. The start time for most has been shifted to 8:30, although there are some 9:30 or 10:00 starts due to the opening times of the destinations. As these later rides are scattered throughout the quarter, be sure to confirm the start time for a given ride.
  Scheduled are 35 rides to the following 19 destinations on a rotating basis; I tried to space out consecutive visits to a given venue evenly. Rides with later starts are marked with an asterisk.
Aviators Café
Bella Bru Natomas
Bert's Diner
Café Bernardo Davis
Café Dantorels
*Cookie's Drive In (opens at 11:00)
Cottage Mart
Freeport Bakery
*Husick's (opens at 11:00)
Lenise's Café
Sal's Tacos
Silver Skillet/49er Diner
*Steamboat Landing (opens at 11:30)
*Swabbies (opens at 11:00)
The Mill
Tree House Café
*Village Drive In (opens at 11:00)
*Whitey's Jolly Kone (opens at 11:00)

A reminder that intended ride participants must register no later than 12 hours ahead of a ride's start time, and registration cancelations should be made at least two hours ahead of the start. Any ride that does not receive at least one registration is automatically canceled shortly after the registration deadline. Whenever a ride is canceled for any reason, an E-mail will be sent to this list and the ride will be marked on the Event Calendar at least an hour ahead of scheduled start time.
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