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Thursday's Folsom Round About (FRA) - Traffic ...
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I just want to share a traffic alert which may add some extra minutes to your drive tomorrow morning: There is water-pipe replacement construction at Blue Ravine and Folsom Blvd, the streets used get into The Mule House/Dos Coyotes parking lot. Online, it says construction should be complete by this evening, but an hour ago it was still down to single lanes each way on Folsom Blvd. with no ability to turn left or cross Folsom Blvd at Blue Ravine.

If you plan to ride tomorrow, and are on Folsom Blvd between Hwy 50 and Blue Ravine, be prepared to turn left on Woodmere, which is just past Blue Ravine (a left turn lane, no light), and work your way around to the parking lot. If you miss that turn, there is a light at Parkshore and you can work your way around from there as well.

Construction does not affect our cycling route and the weather is cooperating. We depart at 10am in the low 70's and return in the low 80's. You can get extra miles by riding to the Fish Hatchery before or after the main ride. Lunch afterwards ia also an option.

If you have any questions, let me know, otherwise, I hope to see you in the morning!

Barbara Lane

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