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The Good News/Bad News for Sunday’s Winters Ride
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I guess most of you didn’t believe it was sunny in Winters yesterday morning because it was still cloudy and drizzling in Sacramento County when you got up. Well, you missed out on a beautiful sunny morning in the English Hills. Actually, my timing was perfect. It was still sunny when we got back, but when we left after having lunch it started to rain in Winters. The weather gods were definitely smiling on us. BTW, the small turnout did allow me to do some exploring including riding up to the road closure on Cantelow. In case you’re wondering, here’s the sign at the corner of Steiger Hill and Cantelow Rd. So I will have the long route going the reverse direction for the next couple of months. Luis Bernhardt seemed to like doing Cantelow in that direction. Guess I’ll have to try it that way next time.

According to Weather Channel, the forecast for rain in Winters and Vacaville is between 4-7% from 10 am to noon. It does increase to 24% around 2 pm, but drops off after that. Looks like we may even have some sun. So the ride is on. Hope to see some of you in Winters for looks a great spring day for ride.

The good news is it looks like the rain will stop during the night and we’ll be able to do the Winters ride tomorrow, however, I will post again by 8 am tomorrow whether it is a go or no-go. The bad new is Cantelow Rd. is closed about 0.4 mile west of Steiger Hill Rd. This does not affect the short route since it turns left on Steiger Hill Rd. before reaching the road closure. Given the wet roads some of you may prefer to stick to the short route to keep off the steeper hills. However, I understand some of you want to get your Spring Blitz miles in, so I have reversed the long route so that you can climb most of Cantelow Rd. for the back side (west side).

Here is the revised long route in reverse direction:

Here is the short route in the normal direction:

Some of us stay for lunch afterwards at Steady Eddy’s and/or Hooby’s Brewing Co. on Main St. Remember the ride starts at 10 am from the northwest corner of the parking lot next to Steady Eddy’s near Railroad Ave. and Abbey St. in downtown Winters. Hope you decide to join us. It’s usually worth the drive, especially in the spring.

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