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SBH Ride Updates

Wednesday's lunch ride starts at 10AM !!!
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The ride tomorrow leaves from Gold River up to Pieology in Roseville (same shopping center as Noah's and Starbucks).

Since it's a lunch ride, it starts at 10AM!!!

There are two routes - 33 miles and 40 miles.

Here is the description from the RWGPS route:

This route goes from Gold River to Rocky Ridge Town Center (Noah's/Starbucks/Pieology/Dos Coyotes) in Roseville at the corner of Douglas Blvd & Rocky Ridge

It follows this path

* goes up the bike trail to Beals Point,

* (Long route follows Barton up to Cavitt Stallman and Miner's Ravine trail)

* Noah's/Starbucks in Roseville,

* returns thru Woodbridge Ranch

* the short dirt path from Sailor Bar park to Curragh Downs and Hazel Ave.

(Riders who don't want to take the dirt path can use Winding Way to Hazel instead)

The extra six miles is before the rest stop.

See you tomorrow!!

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