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SBH Ride Updates

2024 Q1 Barrio Rides Posted
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The Barrio ride schedule for Q1 of 2024 comprises 26 rides and includes eight new routes (although a few of these routes will have made their debut in Q4 of 2023, weather permitting). Note that due to late opening times of some destinations, seven rides leave 30 mins. later than the 9 AM default.

Fri. 5--Aviator's Restaurant
Sat. 6--Sal's Tacos (9:30)
Fri. 12--Cookie's Drive In (9:30)
Sat. 13--Cottage Mart (9:30)
Wed. 17--Café Dantorels
Fri. 19--Bert's Diner
Wed. 24--Tree House Café
Fri. 26--Freeport Bakery
Wed. 31--Café Bernardo, Davis

Fri. 2--Bella Bru
Fri. 9--Whitey's Jolly Kone (9:30)
Sat. 10--The Mill
Fri. 16--Cottage Mart
Sat. 17--Shift Coffee House
Wed. 21--Sal's Tacos (9:30)
Fri. 23--Cookie's Drive In (9:30)
Wed. 28--Café Dantorels

Fri. 1--Bella Bru
Wed. 6--Bert's Diner
Fri. 8--Freeport Bakery
Fri. 15--Tree House Café
Sat. 16--Lenise's Café
Fri. 22--Aviator's Restaurant
Sat. 23--The Mill
Wed. 27--Whitey's Jolly Kone (9:30)
Fri. 29--Shift Coffee House

To maximize route variety, all destinations are scheduled just twice, except for Café Bernardo and Lenise's, with each of those being slotted just once during the quarter. Given that we're testing the waters with the new places, if I happen to get particularly positive/negative feedback about any of them, I may do an occasional route substitution; although this is unlikely, it's best to check the event calendar a week or so ahead of a given ride to confirm details.
  It might be worthwhile to check out the new route maps, as you may find some surprises; for example, a few incorporate miles of trails that are new to me and maybe to you also. As a rule I avoid mixed-use trails because I find that they're often too problematic, but I thought I'd give a few a try and see how we fare.
  You'll notice that registration is now "recommended" for all Barrio rides, and whenever you plan to attend one I encourage you to click/tap the "Register Now" button on the Event View Webpage because it gives me a rough gauge of interest. Normally registration isn't even considered because most standard club rides attract at least a few participants, but due to the small number of members who reside in my general area I rarely know what to expect, and more times than I care to recount I've canceled rides due to zero attendance. Granted, in practical terms an absence of registrations doesn't change the fact that barring poor weather and so on I still have to be at Barrio for every scheduled ride. Registering is just a courtesy. (Conversely, if you do register but your plans change, I ask that you unregister, which you can do even on the morning of a given ride.) By the way, a ride will occur if even just one rider joins me. So if you're on the fence about any ride, deciding to show up might make the difference between a cancelation and one more outing on the ledger for both of us.
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