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SBH Ride Updates

Barrio Update: Steamboat Landing/Husick's/etc.
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Joe - Thank you for all the routes you have developed and lead.

Regarding Steamboat landing and other destinations that are temporarily no longer available:

We use a ? as the leading character for those routes so that they don't disappear from the library, but to prevent ride leaders from unknowingly using an invalid route. Once the destination becomes available again, we change the leading character back to an asterisk (*) and possibly change the name of the route to the new restaurant name if appropriate.

I have changed the Steamboat landing route to a ?

Other first-character codes include:

  • * (asterisk) = route available for any ride leader to use
  • / (forward slash) = route under construction, should not be used yet
  • ~ (tilde) = route used on a tour (an abbreviated name of the tour follows the ~)

Using leading characters in this way makes it easy to limit the results of a search by putting the desired character into the search box in RWGPS. Typically ride leaders would only be looking for asterisk routes


Well, on today's ride to Steamboat Landing, we found it was all locked up. As it happens, it's under new ownership and renovations will have to occur before it reopens. But we also found, during our stop at little Holland Market in Clarksburg, that Husick's, also under new ownership, is open once again--as of early July. The former BBQ joint has switched to pizza, but there's still decent beer on draft. So I'm suspending the Steamboat Landing route and replacing it with the Husick's route. Well, actually with a new Husick's route that starts at Barrio instead of Windbridge/Rush River. (Kudos to Bob Kendall for posting the Excel cuesheet within a few hours of my sending him the route link. In fact, he did much the same for all the new routes. We oughta double his salary.)
  Important note: Husick's opens at 11, so the ride will start at 10.
  Since I got lots of positive feedback about today's route despite the closed restaurant, I do plan to reactivate it once Steamboat Landing is up and running. The restaurant is a really nice venue and should be a good destination.
  The new Husick's route will debut on Sat. 9 Dec. in place of the planned Dinky Diner Detour out of Rush River. (The Dinky Diner ride may be rerouted out of Barrio and put into rotation, or it might be retired and Dinky Diner deprecated to an optional stop on the Husick's route. Going forward, nearly all my rides will start at Barrio, and Rush River will no longer be used as a start point.)
  Check out the new Husick's route at the link below--and remember that on Dec. 9 this ride starts at Barrio at 10.
  The new routes described in recent messages (Aviator's Cafe, Cafe Dantorels, Dixon Metric Century, Sal's Tacos) will enter rotation commencing Jan. 2024.

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