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SBH Ride Updates

Possible Confusion about Barrio Ride Schedule
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Recently I received a comment noting that the Barrio rides were "back" on the event calendar, which took me by surprise. So to be safe I want to clarify to everyone that they'd never been removed. While I did cancel both of last week's rides due to an emergency, the rest of the series is unaffected. Nobody showed up for today's ride to Tree House; this could have occurred for many reasons, including a nearby competing ride and high temperatures. But since neither of those applied, my concern is that perhaps would-be riders somehow concluded that it was called off even though it doesn't show as canceled on the calendar. Rest assured that tomorrow's ride is on as scheduled--and as temps will be mild and the vittles will be tasty, it'll be a good day to visit Shorty's and keep Dennis (the cook) in the kitchen and away from paying customers.
  If uncertain about the status of any Barrio ride, check with me via phone or E-mail (both forms of contact accompany each ride description) and I'll respond promptly.
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