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Camp Far West ride Wednesday May 17th 8:00
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Leave for the Loomis train station and ride through Lincoln to Camp Far West. Return through Sheridan and Lincoln. I will sweep the ride.

*Camp Far West 2A

50 Miles and 2088 feet of climbing


Please join me on a beautiful ride out to Camp Far West reservoir. The hills are green and the lake is full, water is going over the dam. I like to bring a sandwich and just before the mile 22 continue out to the bridge and eat while I enjoy the view.


It will be in the 80’s before we’re finished to bring enough water.  This in mostly out in the country. There is no place to get anything between Lincoln at mile 9.5 and Sheridan mile 29. Sheridan has a small market and a coffee shop, the Perky Peacock. The coffee shop has a restroom. The next opportunity to recharge is in Lincoln where there are several places.


See you in Loomis,


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