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Monday morning ride Let’s try
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It was nice to be out on pretty dry roads - everything blooming, clean, and crisp - for 3/4 of the ride - and then a little adventure ;>)  I think Cheryl's description between wet or soaked should definately lean toward the "soaked".  It's been a few years since I've had to dry out my shoes.

But, all careful riders and we just made our "marshmallow" a little bigger.  


Besides getting a bit wet, or soaked, it was a great ride. So good to be outside with fresh air, good smells, and other wet friends.  Nothing like ringing out your gloves when finishing a ride. LOL. Thanks Karen

Sent from Cheryl

Ok, it looks like a break in the weather (I hope) for a Monday morning ride for coffee. For those who show up I hope for cautious riding skills to be present for all.

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