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SBH Ride Updates

Weather watch for Monday morning club ride
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I should have mentioned that both races were held on closed courses with no cars.

Just thought I would mention that my local race team held our annual criterium at William Land Park on Saturday and a road race in Zamora on Sunday. We had over 500 riders and no major crashes. Most interesting was nobody complained about the weather. They just enjoyed being able to ride. I guess that bicycle riders are just a special breed. 
Jim Kirstein

Very good. Each year is a new weather zone so, I do get tired of wondering if riders get upset at the rides being canceled. Gone are the days I worry about that. It is what it is. K

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Although said a bit in jest, I'm thinking with the spate of continued bad weather, we need a template for the Ride Update forum . . . .

"At this time, the weather for tomorrow's xxxxxxxx ride out of xxxxxx still looks unsettled.  I will send out a go/no-go update by xxxxx a.m. tomorrow."  


Once again, I will be checking the weather in the morning with help from my friends that live in Carmichael area for the street conditions at the ride start time. Safety first so if the rain stops early enough to dry out the pavement, yeah!

I will update a No or go for the Monday ride between 7:15 am and 7:30 am. Later, Karen

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