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Tuesday 3/7/2023 EZ Rider Canceled Due to rain pre...
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If someone wants to take Tuesday’s ride tomorrow that’s fine with me. The last time I did a rainy, sloppy ride I stood in the parking lot for 20 minutes by myself. A couple people showed up and tried to make a decision whether to ride, a third person showed up and he wasn’t go to ride at all and then decided at the last minute to do the ride. I’m trying to do what Janet Kendall said she decided to do last year and that is lead ride at least once a month. Especially if nobody bothers to sign up to do one that’s close to my house.

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Marsha has asked an interesting question but I suggest that she re-ask her question on the Ride Leader Forum rather than the Ride Updates which is a public forum.  If she is interested in hearing from non-ride leaders, there is also the General forum which again, is not public.


I agree with Marsha. Often the way rides occasionally break it ends up being groups of 3 or 4 anyway.
Jim Kirstein 

Regarding the Tuesday ride cancelation, I feel that three riders makes a good group and three of us were planning to ride the Easy Rider tomorrow. I’m not sure why folks think the “success” of a ride is predicated by how many riders show up. Thoughts?

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