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SBH Ride Updates

Thursday's Folsom Round About
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I'll have to miss too. Sounds great. I'm glad to be a new member to the forum.
Dianna Damask
Roseville, CA
Sorry we have to miss today. But looks like a good one!

Peggy Blair
Folsom CA

Well, there is blue sky poking through the cloudy skies, and as far as I know, it hasn't rained for hours. The trails and roads will only continue to dry out, so let's head out and enjoy the Folsom Round About! You can ride the basic 24 miles or add Nimbus for 31 miles. The ride departs at 10am, but you can add Nimbus before or afterwards. Lunch at Dos Coyotes is always an option after the ride.

I will sweep at a slower pace (I've hardly ridden this past month and will be taking my time)!

We hope you can join us!

Barbara Lane

Rain is forecast to begin this evening, with decreasing chances into the early morning hours. I will check the weather and the local trails and roadways in the morning and make a decision about the ride taking place or not. Since the ride starts at 10am, I will post an update between 7:30 - 8:00am.

I did ride through all of the tunnels this afternoon. Two of them had some shallow water running across the trail, along with some small areas of debris. However, all were passable and ridable. I'm just not sure how tonight's rain might affect this portion of the ride, along with the trails and roadways in general.

Stay tuned.

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