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SBH Ride Updates

South Area Rides Start Time Change
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Godspeed, John. Some time ago I discovered that another longtime club member experienced bouts of vertigo (which I assume is the case for you due to Meniere's). He led rides from the same place I'm using (South Hills), coincidentally, and a few years back he had to cancel one at the start due to sudden dizziness. I don't know what's become of him as I haven't seen him in years. I hope you'll soon feel up to honoring us with your company. Kind regards to Joyce.
Thank you for doing these rides Joe.  Hope to be over this cold/Meniere's problem soon and so we can be out to join you.


Greetings to South Area ride series participants both past and future. Please note that the start time has been changed to 9:30 AM for all November rides, to wit:

11/9--Barrio to Cafe Bernardo, Davis

11/16--Barrio to Carol's Restaurant, West Sac

11/23--West Sac to Savory Cafe, Woodland

11/30--Barrio to Cottage Mart

The start time for the remaining currently scheduled ride on 12/7--Device Brewing (Pocket) to Husick's, Clarksburg--has not changed. (This ride leaves at 10 AM because Husick's opens at 11.)


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