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SBH Ride Updates

Events and Distance and Hills
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For those of you doing some of the Fall Event rides, Meigan has added a training ride on October 8 with some more than usual mileage so you have an opportunity to get in some distance riding.

If either Foxy's Century (100 miles/3100 ft of gain) or the Tour de Lincoln (63miles/3826 ft of gain), is in your future, come join me Saturday, September 24, for some hills in the area of Wilson. Two of the three options have a bit of climbing with the "More" including a few significant "bumps."

Then on October 4, we'll be out in the Rocklin area with an opportunity to get in a few more hills with a TBD ~40 mile ride with ~2200-2400 feet of gain. Still vacillating between the three routes whose elevations are attached if you have any opinion ;>)   

Be safe,


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