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SBH Ride Updates

February 4 replacement ride
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The replacement ride for the Feb 4th ride will start at Gold River and loop around Lake Natoma with a group stop halfway at Karen's Bakery for coffee, pastry, or a yummy. We will go at an easy pace and enjoy the scenery. The "*Karen's -2A" route is 18 miles long and basically flat with only 568 feet of climbing that is spread out with only one short grade of any notice.

Note this is a rather short ride. So anyone that would like to do 2 loops for a total of 36 miles it will be honored. Those of us that need to keep our legs alive will understand. Especially if you are like me and just love to ride. That also allows us to eat more of the great food at Karen's It is estimated that it will take about 1:15 to ride one loop. That does not take into account how much time you spend eating and talking at Karen's.

The route is in the club route library under the name *Karen's -2A".

The route file can be found at

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