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SBH Ride Updates

Jim and Shalakow's Birthday Ride Update
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sounds good. It will be fun. I am curious how many will show.

Looks good and the sign in should be fine. Give people options after lunch.  I’ll do a route sheet for just my second loop. People that want to go with me can pick it up after lunch.  You’re looking for someone to sweep? Do we need one?  If nobody else steps up I’ll do it, at least for the first loop. I’m sure I’ll be slower than you.


Going to be a fun ride.



Shalakow and I have combined our birthday rides. My birthday ride will be 80 miles long made up of two loops out of the Broadstone Marketplace in Folsom. Shalakow's birthday ride will be 69 miles long and also be made up of two loops out of Broadstone Marketplace in Folsom. The first loop is in the morning and will be 50 miles long. It will be used by both rides. The afternoon will have two loops. One will be 19 miles long to get Shalakow's 69 miles total and the other will be 30 miles long to get Jim's 80 miles total. You can choose which afternoon ride you want to do after lunch. You can do just the morning loop or just the afternoon loop or both the morning loop and then one of the two afternoon loops like our birthday boys will..

The rides take place 3/16/2022.

Route sheets will be provided.

Looking for a person(s) to sweep.

The routes are as follows:

Morning loop starts at 8 AM. 50 miles

Afternoon loop starts at 1 PM 30 miles

Afternoon loop starts at 1 PM 19 miles

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