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SBH Ride Updates

Saturday's Ride to Paneras Folsom
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Hi Kathy,
Thanks for clarification; yes, another day……

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Good morning.  Re your suggestion to change the start time of today's (Friday) ride - 

Possible changes in when the rain will decrease is one reason I held off officially cancelling the ride until this morning.  However, the trend is that the time the rain will decrease has moved to later in the morning and even more so in Folsom, our destination.

Even if the time of decreasing rain had stayed the same, the published start time of a ride cannot be changed unless it is seven days before the event.

Another day ;>)

OK, it is official.  This ride is cancelled due to weather (no surprise;>)  Grab another cup of coffee or tea and snuggle in to enjoy the rain.

See ya next time,

Just a thought, according to weather predictions it appears rain will decrease dramatically after 0900. Would you consider a later start?

Thank you,


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I do!  Thanks, Doug
Do you mean Friday?🤔

Hi All,

If you have been watching the weather or listening to Mark or Rob or Dirk, you know there is heavy rain coming in tonight. But before cancelling the ride, I'll take one last look in the morning as there have been some changes on since earlier today.

I'll post an update no later than 6:30

Kathy Wright

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