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SBH Ride Updates

Downtown and Beyond ride details. October 12 at 9...
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This ride is on. The wind speed has been 14, 16, 15, 15 over the last 2 hours. The forecast is for steady winds with no gusts. If you prefer not to ride I understand but consider the air quality is excellent at 16. Have a nice day.

Pedaling for heathy outcomes and some fun,

Terry Snyder

Hi All,

Tomorrow’s (Tuesday) DAB ride will be cancelled if the winds do not abate by then. I’ll make the decision and post on the forums if it’s on or off by 7:15 am. Ride starts at 9. It is your decision to join or not if the ride is conducted.

Either way I’ll be at Scottish Rite at 9 am tomorrow to do the ride. If cancelled the ride will not be led as a club ride but I will be riding personally and anyone can join me for some exercise and can turn back at anytime if they feel uncomfortable.

Pedaling for heathy outcomes and some fun,

Terry Snyder

Join some folks living west of American River and from all over the world on this 9 am ride from Scottish Rite to the Main Event cafe at Ancil Hoffman Golf course for breakfast and/or coffee with your own refreshments. There's a really nice patio and they have very tasty breakfast sandwiches and full meals.

The ride is D26 but if you choose so you can park at Five Points, William Pond, or anywhere along route and ride to Scottish Rite then stop at your vehicle on return and get full mileage credit. The ride goes up American River drive and returns on ARBT. Please be at Scottish lot before 9 am.  

The club route name is *Effie Yeaw, we will pass by the park twice.

please print your own cue sheet or text me if you can’t print.

RWGPS route link is :

Terry Snyder  Text: 9165052223

Pedaling for heathy outcomes and some fun,

Terry Snyder

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