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Folsom Round About Rides
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It will be some time before there are any official Folsom Round About Rides but there are individuals who would like ride these routes which are outside the club RWGPS db.

This rides existed as 6 possible variations all going on at the same time. All the primary ride segments started together and proceeded together for the first 12 miles. 

At mile 12.1 FRA Yellow 20 broke from the group 
At mile 17.4 FRA Blue 24 breaks from the group
finishing the ride FRA Green 24 brings it home

The Yellow Fun Ride has only 724 feet of climbing. The Blue Route has a fast road section and 1022 feet of climbing. The original Green Route gives preference to bike trail miles with 1001 feet of climbing.

All the rides included an option to ride The Loop from the LaBou start to the Hatchery and back for another 7.5 mile credit. Riders from the west were allowed to shave the 7.5 from their animal miles and take ride credit. 
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