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SBH Ride Updates

Back Roads to Flower Farm C34/42

Friends, the weather should be just fine for our ride tomorrow! You may want to bring snacks in case of a long line at the Flower Farm. I may sweep the long route so please plan to ride with a buddy.

Also, according to the app, Starbucks in FVSC is temporarily closed so we can make a quick stop at Beals Pt a couple miles into the ride for a restroom break.

See you there for a 9 AM departure from FVSC.



Thank you Michele for putting on and leading the ride. The route is one on my favorites and the turnout was good so there always someone to ride with at the speed you wanted to go. The weather was also great for riding as it will be all this week. Yes I am happy I did the ride.

Sarah Lin-Aamodt
Thanks Micheal for the ride and cookies!! It was a nice bike course with rolling hills at country side.

Sarah Lin Aamodt
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