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SBH Ride Updates

Cancelled - Friday Ride - Wilson via Platt

Good morning,

This morning's ride is cancelled. I love this ride and hate to cancel it but while the AQI is currently okay at the ride start, we would be heading into AQI that is already close or over 200 in El Dorado Hills.

Undaunted, after having had to cancel another favorite due to 110 temps and this one due to AQI, I have rescheduled iWilson via Platt for next Friday. Expect snow.



Smart call Kathy. The AQI right now at the top of Iron Point Road is about 450. Outside my house in Folsom it is 241.I love that ride and am happy you are rescheduling it.


Thank you for your determination. This smoke is bringing me down, but I hope to try out your ride next Friday.

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Ha!  I would welcome snow about now Kathy!     At least we could breath.. 😉 


Patti B


Sarah Lin-Aamodt
Good morning Kathy.

I am glad you called off the Friday ride. The smoke was unbearable. I also found out you rescheduled this ride to next Friday.. Thank you 😊. I am looking forward to it.

I have a question on communication emails. I did not receive your email of ride cancellation until this morning. I found out your cancellation on club event calendar yesterday. Is this the way to find out cancellation?
I find it is strange that the SBH mail is always showed up one day late for me. I will not see your response until tomorrow. Technology?!
Take care and see you soon!!

Sarah LIN-Aamodt
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I guessing you are getting messages late because of one of your settings for Forums on your profile.  
  • After you log in, hover your mouse over your name and select Profile in the drop-down.
  •  In the Forum box at the bottom, select Forum General Preferences.  
  • In the third grouping Message Delivery look at the forth item "Frequency".  I suspect your might be set at Daily Digest?  If so, change to Immediately.  
Hope that is the issue as easily fixed.
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