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Barrio News: Yet More Routes
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We all really appreciate the initiative and effort you put into having great rides in our area.  Thank you so much. I’m really looking forward to some of these new destinations.

Marsha Mobley Kilian
We despair and become cynical when 
we are alone. Together we have hope.      
Barack Obama

Last Friday's jaunt to Cottage Mart marked the 50th attended ride of the Barrio quasi-series. The vast majority of the routes are of my own design, and after them putting together it's quite clear to me that due to the start location, the practical routes and destinations are far more limited compared to rides that start in Carmichael/Fair Oaks/Folsom/etc. So falling into a rut is unavoidable. Me, I don't mind the same old same old on rotation every few weeks, but variety helps make things a little more interesting. So I've introduced more routes during the past few days, as follows. (Some of these make look familiar since I mentioned them recently.)

F/27--Bella Bru, Natomas
This Bella Bru serves as a destination for rides from other start points so many club riders have likely been there. The Natomas location gets high ratings among customers and the routes to and from there are pretty decent.

F/40--Steamboat Landing, Courtland
This restaurant is definitely off the beaten path and is new to the club AFAIK. Lots of rural Yolo County roads are involved, so if you like riding in the Clarksburg area, this is for you.

F/39--Swabbies on the River, west end of Natomas
Club rides come out here occasionally for a little riparian repast. We'll be on Garden Hwy for a good stretch--not really among my favorite roads but it'll work.

F/25--The Mill, East Sac near CSUS
Also new to the club AFAIK is this Elvas Ave. gourmet coffee/herbal tea shop near the CSUS bike entrance tunnel. This route just posted to the club library yesterday.

Currently being processed is a route to Sal's Tacos in old Broderick (West Sac), not far from Burgers & Brew. Finally, I just finished a metric century route to an Indian restaurant in Dixon, which I'll be submitting for processing shortly. (Probably nobody besides Luis Bernhardt would be interested in that one. Prove me wrong.)
  I'll continue to brainstorm more potential ride destinations in the coming weeks, so watch this space.
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