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SBH Ride Updates

Barrio Ride Schedule
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Barrio rides have now been posted to the event schedule through the remainder of the year. All start at Barrio except for the 9/28 and 12/7 rides to Dinky Diner, which start at Device Brewing (Rush River and Windbridge). Standard start time is 9, but note that the Whitey's Jolly Kone ride always starts at 9:30 because Whitey's opens at 11 (we do want to get there before there's a long line, but not *too* early). The full list of 29 rides is below.

Th 14--Bert's Diner
Fr 15--Freeport Bakery
Th 21--Bigrigs (Silver Skillet at 49er Truck Plaza)
Fr 22--La Amistad (Shorty's)
Th 28--Dinky Diner
Fr 29--Whitey's Jolly Kone

Th 5--Café Bernardo, Davis
Fr 6--Tree House
Th 12--Bert's Diner
Fr 13--Cottage Mart
Th 19--Bigrigs (Silver Skillet at 49er Truck Plaza)
Fr 20--La Amistad (Shorty's)
Th 26--No ride (MRY Tour)
Fr 27--No ride (MRY Tour)

Th 2--Lenise's Café
Fr 3--Freeport Bakery
Th 9--Bert's Diner
Fr 10--Whitey's Jolly Kone
Th 16--Café Bernardo, Davis
Fr 17--Cottage Mart
Th 23--No ride (Thanksgiving Day)
Fr 24--Tree House
Th 30--La Amistad (Shorty's)

Fr 1--Lenise's Café
Th 7--Dinky Diner
Fr 8--Freeport Bakery
Th 14--Bert's Diner
Fr 15--Cottage Mart
Th 21--Whitey's Jolly Kone
Fr 22--Tree House
Th 28--La Amistad (Shorty's)
Fr 29--Lenise's Café

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