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SBH Ride Updates

Chocolate Fish/Posh Bagel Monday Ride
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Given the current rain and the impending rain overnight and in the morning, I am canceling the ride. Even if the rain lets up a bit much of the route is on the Humbug/Willow Creek Trail which may be wet and leave strewn and thus not safe for cycling. Likewise the long route includes some hilly roads which may be wet and slick.

Sorry about that.

If it does let up I hope you can get out on your own and ride!

I will post the this ride in the near future.



Hello friends,

Rain is forecast for Monday; while I look forward to this ride, we need rain so won’t complain, and that is a better forecast than smoke!

Watch for updates Sunday evening and/or Monday at 6:30 a.m.


Ride description:

We will take streets and trails to Chocolate Fish and Posh Bagel on E. Natomas/Blue Ravine.

Long route adds some serious little hills!

Posh Bagel 1A: 30 miles

Posh Bagel 1B: 39 miles

Long route will be swept, short will not be swept so please plan on riding with a friend.

8 a.m. start from Gold River.

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