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Ride to Lenise's Cafe in West Sac MODIFIED
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Some of you may have noticed I moved this ride from Sunday (9/11) to Monday (9/12). What I didn't realize in moving it to Monday is Lenise's Cafe is not open on Mondays. So I wanted to try a new place called Franquette in West Sacramento which is across the street from the Barn. Here's a link for the restaurant, if you want to check out the menu.

It is a small place and the menu may not be to everyone's liking, so I have added cues in the route sheet for alternate rest stop's including Starbucks in the Town Center Plaza on Jefferson Blvd and Steamers in Old Sac. Franquette is further into the ride than Lenise's Cafe, so people on the long route may prefer to go to Starbucks rather than Franquette. Steamers was added in case Franquette was too crowded. None of the rest stops are far off the route, so it won't make a significant difference in mileage whichever place you stop. However, if you want me to sweep you, it's better if you stop on Franquette. I will be sweeping the short route.

Here is the modified RWGPS routes in the club library:



Although I didn't change the name of the ride in the club calendar, the modified route names have been changed to Franquette.

Don't forget the ride starts at 9:00 am at the northeast corner of the South Hills Shopping Center which is near 35th Ave and South Land Park Dr. Hope to see you there.

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