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SBH Ride Updates

Ride start time for Phil’s Roundabout
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Cindy (et al),

Miles are awarded only for actual miles ridden.  

Animal miles are awarded only if at least the full shortest ride is completed.  The exception to this is if a rider rides animal miles to a ride and the ride is cancelled after they left and they are not aware of its cancellation until they arrive at the start or if it is cancelled at the actual start.  

Thank you.  I’m not going to deduct any mileage.  I think there might be a problem with animal miles if you don’t finish one complete half of the ride, and I don’t want to get into that!  Thanks for e-mailing me so promptly.  I’ll see you again soon.  😁

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Jack and I completed the ride except going up to Beals Point. I stopped after 1 mile attempt. It was just too smoky and hazy.
Jack 20, total, and
I, Sarah Lin 22+ 16 animals.
Stay cool.

Sarah Lin
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Gonna pass as well. PM2.5 readings between 200-450 in pockets along the ride.


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Peggy and I are not going to ride outside today because of the “moderate“ pollution level.


At 6 AM where I live in Folsom it’s very smoky. At the ride start the air quality looks okay. It is further east, where I live the air quality due to smoke is right on the edge of unhealthy.


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Hope to see you there!

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Thank you Cindy!!  I have a lot on my plate tomorrow but will try to make it.


Peggy Blair
Folsom CA

Due to the extreme heat, the start time for Phil’s roundabout tomorrow will be 8:00. See you tomorrow!

Cindy Roberts

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