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SBH Ride Updates

Monday morning coffe ride-Gold River 9:00 am
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I want to add to this wonderful post. I also have all my tools know how to change a tire but I more than appreciate when the men in the group are polite enough to ask me if I would like help, which I do always do, and then step in when I say yes and do it so quickly and efficiently. Dewey has changed a couple of my tires, Larry N. changed the tire for me on his evening ride about two months ago, Ray has also changed several of my flats. Everyone of the men have been polite in asking and amazingly fast! So appreciated!

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 I felt a funny “rough road” today on the way home from the coffee stop. Larry Ng, who was riding behind me, said I had a flat rear tire. I pulled over and so did he and others. Larry fixed the flat tire in the blinks of my eye.  Blink! He put the chain on the smallest rear sprocket. Blink!  Rear wheel completely off. I got in my tool bag and took out my yellow plastic tire irons and spare tube and looked up.  Blink!  Tire and tube already off the rim.  I believe he used his bare hands to take the tire and tube off the rim.  Blink!  Culprit identified and removed—a nail still in position going through tube and tire.  Blink!  Tire and new tube back on rim and he and Mark Munguia did use their bare hands.  Blink!  Tube pumped up to pressure.  Blink!  Wheel back on the bike and adjusted properly.

   Thank you Larry, and Mark and others.  I know how to change a flat rear tire, but I would have been fumbling and fiddling and fussing with tires, tubes and tools for about an hour before I was done.  Clearly, I have much more practicing and learning to do to change flat tires. Larry’s expertise and skills and quickness at changing a flat tire was a pleasure to observe. Thanks to the others, too. One does need others around while a flat is being repaired!

It is Noah’s 1J starting from Gold River via Kenneth return route via Main and Dredger to Bike trail. 

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What is the Sacramento Bike Hikers route name for this ride? Could you text me a link for the route? 9165052223 thanks

Pedaling for heathy outcomes and some fun,

Terry Snyder

Join me for coffee at Noah’s/Starbucks Roseville 1J this coming Monday. Start time is 9:00 am and one route 33 miles with going out via Kenneth and return via Main/Dredger ARBT back to Gold River.There is 1312 feet of elevation gain. I will have route sheets. A nice way to start the week.

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