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SBH Ride Updates

Tuesday DAB ride to Executive Airport
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The AQI is Unhealthy for sensitive groups now but is expected to be better tomorrow with SW winds now pushing smoke out. Like in last Ride Update this AQI is not high enough to cancel ride.

The DAB RIDE TO EXECUTIVE IS STILL ON , if you choose not to ride because of this AQI that’s quite all right.

I will check tomorrow’s AQI and if necessary will post notice if the Ride is cancelled. Stay tuned!

Pedaling for heathy outcomes and some fun,

Terry Snyder

Look for update on possible cancellation due to AQI of higher than Unhealthy for sensitive folks.  You can decide if you want to ride with sensitive AQI. 

Please print your own Cue sheet if you don’t use RWGPS navigation. 

Excel Route Sheet:

Terry Snyder 

Good day, take care, and be safe

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