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RWGPS Spoken Cue Sheets
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Hi Phil
Thanks for the notes about audio cues:

I'd like to add  a couple of clarifications:

1. Unless you have your own paid RWGPS account, you have to get your routes from the SBH RWGPS library in order to have audio cues.  If you obtain your route from your own free library or someone else's library you won't get the audio cues.

2. You don't have to download the route in order to get audio cues (assuming you met #1 above) - you can simply navigate directly from RWGPS.  Downloading over wifi ahead of your ride can save a small amount of cellular data.  Downloading also makes sure that the route doesn't go silent if you ride out of cell tower range.


I use verbal instructions all the Time especially on mountain bike rides as a paper route sheet is hard to read as the bike is bouncing about and you need to be concentrating on trail than a route sheet. Also the instructions are verbalized just as you need them and you’re not trying to guess which fork in the trail you’re suppose to take. I do instruct every instance where a rider can go off route. It is tedious to set up but it’s the best way when riding off road. It works great for pavement riding also. 

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As a ride leader I use RWGPS for planning. I'm still old school when it comes you paper route sheets, transfering only key instructions.  RWGPS can be a little verbose at times but I can also add verbal warnings in the RWGPS where doing that on a printed route sheet would cause confusion.

The way the spoken cue sheet works is you find the route you want over the internet (at home for most of us) using the RWGPS App.  Click the [Download] button.

When the download is complete, open the Library, and then Offline.

Now tap navigate. Once you start moving RWGPS will speak the cue sheet. I use a handle bar mount for my phone but many just slip it in a pocket. Some club members have Bluetooth hearing aides and it plays through those.
If you miss a tune it will play a couple of desending pitch piano cords. When you get back on track to get two assending cords and resume instructions. Sometimes on familiar ground you'll choose to around an obstacle (parking lot, intersection) different than the planned route and RWGPS will let you know you're off track, once you rejoin the route everything continues.

While you are navigating RWGPS is recording your actual ride so at the end hit stop or it will record your drive home as well.

Please let me know if these instructions need refinement.

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