SELLERS should post on the Party Pardee Yahoo Forum to announce that a registration is for sale and to find a BUYER.

Party Pardee Yahoo Forum

All transfers will be handled electronically through Transfers can only be completed through if SELLER is 18 or older and SELLER registered online under SELLER’s own email address. provides a safe financial transaction for both parties. It provides a refund to SELLER, and it charges BUYER the same amount that SELLER originally paid for their registration. BUYER will also pay's standard processing fees. The event’s records will be updated automatically.

Deadline for transfers is March 30, 2018 6:00PM.

Transfer Process for SELLER

SELLER will need BUYER’s email address and SELLER’s own receipt and confirmation e-mails. If SELLER does not have these emails, SELLER can contact to have them re-issued to the original email address.
  1. SELLER will login to, My Events
  2. Click “Transfer registration to another athlete”
  3. Enter and confirm the email address (two fields) of BUYER
  4. (BUYER receives an email inviting him/her to claim the registration)
  5. Click Submit
  6. A confirmation message appears verifying that the transfer process was initiated.

NOTE: SELLER is only selling their registration. SELLER’s clothing order will be canceled and SELLER’s payment for both their registration and clothing will be refunded. SELLER will NOT receive a refund of’s processing fees. The system will not refund the original registration and clothing payments until BUYER has accepted and completed the transfer.

Transfer Process for BUYER

BUYERS should complete their actions ASAP.
  1. BUYER will receive an email from to claim a registration.
  2. Click "Claim this registration" in the email.
  3. Sign In to your account or click Sign Up and enter an email address as a new user.
  4. Complete the registration form. BUYER can also purchase a T-shirt through the transfer process until February 20th. After that date, a limited number of T-shirts and sizes will be available for purchase at the event.
  5. If BUYER is purchasing a 50k registration, and BUYER wants to upgrade to a 100k registration, BUYER must first complete the transfer of the 50k registration. BUYER can then sign into BUYER’s account again and upgrade to a 100k registration as a separate transaction.
  6. Review cart and check out.
  7. BUYER will pay the standard processing fees for BUYER’s purchases.
  8. At this point the transfer process is complete and SELLER’s original registration has been cancelled
  9. BUYER will receive both a confirmation email and a receipt. Bring the receipt to registration at the event.