Registration Transfer Information

We told you to register early, but apparently you weren’t early enough. All is not lost, but it will take some patience on your part. You see, many of those successful registrants don’t realize it yet, but they will find reasons why they cannot do the ride on April 7th. So we have a process by which they will be able to surrender their ticket to you, so their bad luck becomes your good luck.

The Party Pardee Forum is a Yahoo email list, set up for you would-be BUYERS. You join it, but you then you sit and wait. BUYERS don’t post messages pleading for tickets. Instead they are joining an email list, and you watch your email for a message from someone looking to sell their ticket. SELLERS are the only Forum members who post on the Forum. When a SELLER makes a post, BUYERs respond to that post. The SELLER will choose his BUYER, and notify of the BUYER’s identity, and the transaction will commence. You will never meet the SELLER, as there are two separate transactions with Active, the second one being your purchase. It is really pretty simple, but it takes patience on your part, as the initial BUYERS will join the Forum in early January, but the SELLERS don’t know yet that they are not going to attend the event. Generally the SELLERS start to show up in early March. The initial sales seem anxious, but by the middle of March the SELLER posts start to pile up, and it usually seems as though the once-frantic BUYERS have found other things to do. The SELLING deadline is one week before the event, March 30th, at 6pm. And we can almost reassure you that some of those tickets will go unclaimed. The third week in March there is often a glut of SELL messages. Where the BUYERS have gone is a mystery. We know you will be anxious to jump on a ticket ASAP. But we can almost guarantee that there will be a surplus of tickets available in the week before the event.

One favor we ask of you in using the Forum is to clean up after yourself. Meaning if you manage to buy a ticket, come back and resign from the Forum. We try to keep a count on the Forum of how many BUYERS have joined, so the SELLERS know that the demand for their ticket is out there.

We know that you are probably disappointed to not snag your ticket before Registration closed, but with patience on your part, we can almost guarantee that you will be able to buy a ticket before the event.

For more information about the forum and to sign up click on this link:
Party Pardee Yahoo Forum

Deadline for transfers is March 30, 2018 6:00PM.

Instructions on how to complete the transfer process through are available at this link: HOW TO COMPLETE THE TRANSFER PROCESS