All About Miles

The Sacramento Bike Hikers (Club) keeps track of two different types of mileages ridden by its Club members throughout the year for year-end awards. By doing so, the Club hopes to motivate its membership to ride more often and to use their bicycles as an alternative to cars and trucks. The two types of mileages are Club Miles and Animal Miles. When recorded, both are rounded up to the nearest whole mile for each event. Mileages are recorded from January 1 through December 31 and awards are given at the Annual Banquet.

Club Miles

Club Miles are those miles ridden by Club members on Club events listed in the Ride Schedule/Ride Calendar. No Club Miles are given for events such as the Death Ride where participation is highly restricted. The mileage awarded will be that posted in the Ride Schedule/Ride Calendar or as adjusted by the ride leader to reflect actual mileage. .

Animal miles

Animal miles are given to encourage members to leave their cars at home especially if they live nearby. Animal Miles are miles earned riding to and/or from a club ride. In order to count as Animal Miles, the member must ride to/from the club ride start location using the shortest, safest and reasonable route and complete the designated route or, if multiple routes are offered, one of the route options. Animal Miles are entered on the Sign-in Roster under the column titled "Animal Miles." It is up to each individual to be as honest and fair as possible on the miles claimed as Animal Miles.

Mileage Awards

Club miles:

Any Club member age 13 years or older will receive a mileage award for riding 500 or more Club miles. Other mileage award levels are 1,000, 1500, 2,000, 2500, and continuing in multiples of 500. The three men and three women with the highest mileages for the year will receive a special award for Club Miles. Any member under 13 who rides 250 or more miles will also receive an award.

Animal miles:

Awards for Animal Miles are only given to the top three men and the top three women based on who rode the most Animal Miles.
The above rules were adopted by the Sacramento Bike Hikers in October 2003. Animal Miles rules were modified in January 2004.