Adding to the Gallery

There are three basic ways to get photographs on to the club's Gallery pages:

  1. The Upload Page - If you have only a few photographs that you want to add to the club's Gallery pages then uploading them using the club's Photo Upload page is simple and quick. Just note that the image files must be in ".jpg" format and under 1,500KB in size.
  2. CD/DVD - If you have a large number of photogaphs or you can't resize your photographs for the Photo Upload page then copying then to a CD or DVD is a good option. Be sure to add captions for each photograph. (see Captions below)
  3. Thumb-Drive - The easiest option is to copy all your photographs onto a Thumb-drive. Be sure to add captions for each photograph. (see Captions below)

    Just bring your CD, DVD or Thumb-Drive to the next Club Membership Meeting. Please send the an e-mail just to verify that he/she will be at the meeting and have his/her laptop.


The Importance of Captions - Captions add relevance to each image which, in turn, helps the Gallery tell a story. It's important to take the time to develop your captions before having your photographs added to the Gallery. Try to include the names of riders and the location, plus any comments regarding the tour/ride and the day itself.

Prospective members and new members commonly use the Gallery to check out the club and its events. Help them and the club by providing up beat and descriptive captions.

The best way to include captions is to put them in a simple text file or MS Word file. Format the text file with the "file name", then a TAB, then the caption. Try not to use the file name as a caption.
For Example:
img100874.jpg         Climbing Iron Point
img100875.jpg         Riders crossing the American River
img100877.jpg         Having coffee at Starbucks

Editing Your Photographs - Dos & Don'ts

  • Re-Sizing - Except when using the Photo Upload page, you don't need to resize your photographs.
  • Cropping - Cropping is not necessary but if you would like to, go ahead and crop your photographs.
  • Sharpening - Sharpening is not necessary but if you do, do not over sharpen as this can create artifacts in the highlight areas of your photograph.
  • File Format - Generally, just leave your photographs as they come out of your camera or smart-phone.
  • Changing File Format - If you need to save your photographs in a different format then save them in one of the following formats:
    • TIFF - Lossless format. Large files but all the original detail. (Best for CD, DVD or Thumb-Drive.)
    • JPG - Some loss of detail and colors but smaller file sizes. Alway use one of the higher quality settings when saving to JPG. (Required for the Photo Upload page. Good for copying to a CD, DVD or Thumb-Drive.)

The Photo Upload Page

  • Through the Upload Page you can add up to 5 photographs including captions.
  • You can, of course, use the page multiple times but, again, if you have a large number of image files then a CD, DVD or Thumb-drive is probably the best choice.
  • Adding Captions - The Upload Page allows you to add captions to each photograph. While uploading photographs take the time to add these simple but important notes to each photograph.

CD/DVDs or Thumb-drives

Whether PC or Mac just copy your image files to a CD, DVD or Thumb-Drive. If it was taken with a consumer grade camera or a smart-phone the file format and size shouldn't be a problem. Check with the Webmaster if you are copying "RAW" files.