Special Events

Special Events are held throughout the year. Most involve riding, but some do not. In past years events like the Pancake Ride, Soup Ride, Cookie Ride, Club Picnic and the Annual Banquet have added to the enjoyment of many members.


Each year members organize and support bicycling tours in many beautiful locations. The tours vary from weekend get aways to week long treks. They are usually road bike oriented but some are mountain bike tours. Support varies from tour to tour. On some you must be self contained and self sufficient, while others pamper you from Inn to Inn and include most of your meals. Check out each tour and find the ones that suit you.


Generally these special events and tours require a fee. The fees go toward covering the cost of the event. Riders may be required to pay other expenses like lodging and meals.

Rules & Guidelines

Many special events and all tours require that you are a club member in good standing.

Fees must be paid as prescribed by the event organizers.

Many events require that each participant help during the event; i.e. This might require people to assist with cooking, cleaning up, packing or any other job needed to support the event. If you feel you may be unable to help, check with the event organizers before you sign-up.