Ride Leaders Information

Welcome to the Ride Leader Information page. Leading a ride is probably the most important job in the Club, but it’s one of the easiest to perform. Just design a new route or use the Club’s Cue Sheet Library/Ride with GPS (RWGPS) Library, pick a date, enter a ride description, and show up at the ride a little early with the Ride Leader Packet and any special instructions for riders. That's really about it!

Rules and Policies

The club has a set of policies that defines how rides are led and various rules that need to be followed. Download a copy of the Club Policies and read Section II - Ride Leader Instructions - All About Leading Rides for a quick run down on how the Club's rides are organized.


There are several variations of calendars used throughout the process, each with its own purpose:

The Ride Board – An on-line calendar used by Ride Leaders to add a ride for approval of the Ride Coordinators. To access this, a Ride Leader Account must be opened. See Step 1 below.

The Ride Schedule – A hard copy booklet is published quarterly listing all scheduled rides for an upcoming quarter at the time of publishing. It is mailed to Club members that request it.

The Ride Calendar – An on-line calendar with the most up-to-date information, including all rides in the Ride Schedule as well as rides that are added as “Hot Updates”

Leading a Ride

The following is a brief summary of the steps needed to lead a Club ride. The actual sequence can and will vary, but at some point you will need to complete each step:

  1. Open a Ride Leader Account
  2. Plan a route
  3. Add the ride to the Ride Board
  4. Prepare Route Sheets
  5. Review the Ride Packet
  6. Notify the Club of the ride, if appropriate
  7. Conduct and sweep the ride
  8. Send in the paperwork

Step 1 —Open a Ride Leader Account

A Ride Leader Account is required to enter the proposed ride on the Ride Board and to access the Club’s Cue Sheet Library. Use this link to Open a Ride Leader Account.

Step 2 — Plan a route

Either plan a new route or use a route from a previous ride. The Club maintains a Cue Sheet Library and a Ride with GPS Library for Ride Leaders. (Please note: When using RWGPS, a different logon and password is required. Contact the RWGPS coordinator at ridewithgps@bikehikers.com) Each library is provided to help new Ride Leaders get started and provide veteran Ride Leaders with a quick set of rides for that last-minute addition to the Ride Schedule/Ride Calendar. The Club encourages all Ride Leaders to plan and develop new routes but when time is short, a Ride Leader can use either the Cue Sheet Library or the RWGPS Library. Refer to the Club’s Policy and Guidelines Part II, D.5, for specific information on grading a ride. On the day of the ride, printed route sheets are usually appropriate for each rider.

Step 3 — Add the Ride to the Ride Board

The Ride Board is the on-line area where members, with Ride Leader accounts, add rides during the 45 days prior to the next quarter being active. To add a ride, log on with your Ride Leader username and password. The color green on a Ride Board date indicates that a Ride is “unassigned” and needs a Ride Leader. There are several ways to add a ride:

  1. Add an Unassigned Ride - Find the desired date on the Ride Board and click on the green box containing a suggested ride for that day. This ride most likely is a weekly ride and was proposed by the Ride Coordinator. Select “Sign up for this Ride”. Add your Ride Leader contact information; start location; then click “Sign Up.”

  2. Add a New Ride - Find the desired date on the Ride Board and click the Add box. Choose “Add with Blank Form”. Fill in Name of Ride; start time; grade and distance; location; description; your Ride Leader contact information; then click “Add Ride”.

  3. Add a Ride you Have Previously Led: This option is only available to those who have previously led rides. Find the desired date on the Ride Board and click the Add box. Choose “Paste in Existing Ride”. All of the rides you have led will be listed. Scroll through the list, select the desired ride and click on “Copy this Ride”. Make any necessary changes to existing information; add your contact information; click “Add Ride”. (Select FYI in the upper right hand corner to get further instruction regarding using this feature.)

  4. Add a Hot Update - A “Hot Update” is a ride that is proposed after the Ride Schedule is printed. It must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the proposed ride date. A “Hot Update” will only appear on the Ride Calendar. Find the desired date on the Ride Board and click on the Add box. Choose “Add with Blank Form”. Fill in Name of Ride; start time; grade and distance; location; description; your Ride Leader contact information; click “Add Ride”.

When the ride is approved, you will receive a confirmation via email from the Ride Coordinator. Approximately two weeks prior to the ride, a Ride Packet will be mailed with forms and “day of the ride” instructions.

Step 4 — Prepare Route Sheets

Obtain a copy of the turn by turn directions for the ride from either the Cue Sheet Library or the RWGPS Library or by creating a new route sheet. Make copies for the expected number of riders (holidays may require more).

Step 5 — Review the Ride Packet

Review the “Ride Leader Checklist” included in the packet mailed to Leaders approximately two weeks before the ride date.

Step 6 — Notify the Club of the Ride

If appropriate, send out an email to notify the Club regarding the ride destination/difficulty via the Club’s E-group, including the RWGPS link if available. This step is helpful so riders know what to expect regarding the mileage, destination, grade and conditions. However, not all rides will require this step.

Step 7 — Conduct and Sweep the Ride

On the scheduled day, lead the ride. At the start of the ride go over any last-minute instructions about the route, introduce any guests and new members, then sweep the ride. After the ride, verify that everyone has returned, initialed the Sign Out box, and checked the appropriate mileage.

Step 8 — Send in the Ride Paperwork

The final Step - send the Sign-in Roster along with the various forms you received from the Mileage Recorder (even if you didn’t use them) back to the Mileage Recorder, in the envelope provided, so everyone gets credit for the ride.

Thanks for leading a Club ride!!