Ride Leaders Information

Welcome to the Ride Leaders Information page. Leading a ride is probably the most important job in the club. But one of the easiest to perform. Just make or get a route, pick a date, enter your ride description, and show up at the ride a little early. That's really about it!

Rules and Policies

The club has a set of policies that defines how rides are led and various rules that need to be followed. Download a copy of the Club Policies and read Section II - Ride Leader Instructions - All About Leading Rides for a quick run down on how the club's ride are organized.

Ride Routes - The Cue Sheet Library

The club maintains a Cue Sheet Library of ride routes for its Ride Leaders. The library is provided to help new Ride Leaders get started and provide veteran Ride Leaders with a quick set of rides for that last minute addition to the Ride Schedule. The club always encourages all Ride Leaders to plan and develop their own routes but when time is short or you are a new Ride Leader, please feel free to use the library.
Please Note ... You must have a Ride Leader's Account to access the Library.

Leading a Ride

Following is a brief summary of the steps needed to lead a club ride. The actual sequence can and will vary but at some point you will need to complete each step:

  1. Plan a route
  2. Enter your ride description on to the Ride Board Calendar
  3. Ride the ride on the scheduled day
  4. Return the Paperwork to the Mileage Recorder

Step 1 — Planning our Route

You can either design your own route or use a route from a previous ride. You'll need to provide the ride description information for inclusion in the quarterly Ride Schedule. For the day of the ride you'll probably need a Cue sheet and perhaps a map for each rider.

Step 2 — Adding your ride to the club's calendar

You'll need several bits of information for the Ride Schedule. Once you have a route and have mapped out the turns and distances it's time to put your ride on the Ride Schedule. To add a ride you will need the following information: a Ride Title; start location directions; a ride grade, a ride description and a date. You will also need a "Ride Leader's" account to access the Ride Board Calendar. ( Open a Ride Leader's Account ) (See the Ride Board Information page for more details.)

If you already have a Ride Leader's Account just jump over to the Ride Board Calendar and log-in.

Step 3 — The Day of the Ride

This is when all your planning and work pay off! At the start of the ride you'll need to go over the route with the riders and make sure everyone has a route sheet. During the ride your main job will be to sweep the ride. And after the ride you'll need to verify that everyone has made it back okay.

Step 4 — Send in the Ride Sign-In Sheet

The final Step - Paperwork. Send the Ride Roster (and the various forms you received from the Mileage Recorder) back to the Mileage Recorder so everyone gets credit for your ride.

Now you can ride with pride knowing you did your part for the club. It's really easy but it is so important to the club ... Thanks for leading a club ride!!