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The Ride Board Information

The Ride Board is the club’s system for developing and populating the “Printed” Ride Schedule and the “Online” Ride Calendar. If you are new to the club or a new Ride Leader please review the following general information below.

The Ride Board

Back in the dark days before personal computers the club utilized a simple system for tracking ride sign ups and open dates of the coming quarter. The system was a set of three large dry erase boards with a calendar grid over laid on each one. Each board represented a month in the coming quarter. The “Ride Boards”, as they were called, were a large part of our system back then. And for most members, the Ride Boards represented the planning side of the Ride Schedule. And for continuity we have continue to use that term to reference the planning and management side of our Ride Scheduling System.

When thinking about the Ride Scheduling System it is probably best to think of it as having two distinct areas. The Ride Board, or planning area, were rides are added and updated. And the Ride Schedule area made up of the printed Ride Schedule and the online Ride Calendar.


The Ride Scheduling system utilizes three different “Calendars”.


Ride Calendar, or simply the "Calendar", is where everyone goes to see what rides are scheduled. These are rides that have been "Approved" by the Ride Coordinator. This calendar is basically the online version of the printed Ride Schedule but with the addition of any rides and/or updates since the printing of the Ride Schedule..


The Public Ride Board Calendar is the place where ride leaders can quickly check the current status of all the rides listed for the upcoming quarter. You don’t need to "Log-In" to view the Public Ride Board. If you are just looking to see what dates are open or what Un-Assigned rides are available, then the Public Ride Board is the place to look. The information on the Public Ride Board is always up-to-date.

Public Ride Board



Once Ride Leaders Log-In they will see the Ride Board CalendaR. From this page Ride Leaders can manage their rides. They can add rides, update rides, and check the current status of their rides. For the Ride Leaders this is where all the action is.

Reserving Dates

Like the old system you can still "reserve" a date for the upcoming Quarter.

  1. Check the Public Ride Board to see if any existing rides conflict with your ride. Remember, we want rides that complement existing ride, not compete with them.
  2. Log into the system
  3. Click on the date that you would like to reserve.
  4. Click on the "ADD" a Ride Link.
  5. Enter a Title and a Description. (The Description can be as simple as "TBA". If no "Grade" is entered your ride will show up as "???" on the Ride Board, which is okay.)
  6. Click on the "Sign Up" Link

NOTE ... If you have an idea of what the time, grade or start location will be, just enter your best guess into the appropriate fields. You can update these fields when you finalize our ride. By initially adding these fields other Ride Leaders can better gage where their rides will fit into the schedule.

Opening a Ride Leader Account

It’s easy to sign-up. Just fill out the Ride Leader Account Request form and submit it to the Ride Coordinators. The information you enter will be forwarded to the Ride Coordinator and the Ride Coordinator will set up your account. After the Ride Coordinator sets up your account he/she will notify you, via e-mail, that your account is set-up and ready to go.

Open an Account Now

Be sure to note your new “Username” and “Password”. It's probably the most common question/problem new Ride Leaders have.

Un-Assigned Rides

While looking for open dates on the Ride Board you'll probably quickly notice a lot a rides with their status set to "Un-Assigned". These "Un-Assigned" rides are placed on the Ride Board by the Ride Coordinators as placeholders. For example the “T.G.I.F. Coffee Ride” happens just about every Friday. At the start of the sign-up cycle all the “T.G.I.F. Coffee Rides” are un-assigned and ready for Ride Leaders to sign-up for them. Just click on the Sign-Up Button and you are pretty much set to lead a ride.

MODIFYING a Weekly/Annual Ride

The Weekly & Annual rides are not set in stone. But be sure and check with the Ride Coordinator before changing any of the rides pre-set information. For example the “T.G.I.F. Coffee Ride” is alway called the “T.G.I.F. Coffee Ride”. It usually starts at Five Points or Gold River Town Center. The Ride Grade would normally alway be “D30+”. But, again, they are not set in stone, just check before you make any changes.

History ... With the old system, weekly and annual rides were listed, title only, on a small paper calendar. To sign-up for a ride you wrote in your name on one of the dates. Unfortunately the old system had a few short comings. If you couldn’t make a club meeting then you would probably never see the calendar and would have no idea of what dates were open. Even after signing up you may or may not actually get the date.

The "Un-Assigned" rides are the equivalent of the rides titles listed on the old paper calendar. The main difference is that when you sign-up for an Un-Assigned ride the Ride Board automatically updates the ride's status and the changes are reflected in the Ride Board Calendars, allowing all the ride leaders to see what dates are still available.

When will my rides and updates appear on the Ride Calendar?

Rides and ride updates only appear on the Ride Calendar and printed Ride Schedule after they have been "Approved" by the Ride Coordinators. In the case of the printed Ride Schedule, they must be approved before the printing deadline. For the online Ride Calendar, they must be approved at least 3 days before the ride date.

NOTE ... The (online) Ride Calendar and the Ride Board use two different databases. As rides are approved a copy is sent to the Ride Calendar for display. If a Ride Leader updates a ride that has been "Approved" the updates will not appear on the Ride Calendar until the Ride Coordinator re-approves them.

Deadlines for Adding and Updating Rides

Printed Ride Schedule

To have your ride printed in the Ride Schedule you should submit your ride at least 6 weeks before the start of the quarter that it will appear in. (Check the Public Ride Board Calendar for the specific date.)

Ride Calendar

Rides can be added and update within 7 days of the current date. This is the bare minimum you should allow. Additions and updates will not appear in the Ride Calendar until they are Approved by the Ride Coordinators whick may take a day or two. If you add or update a ride within a couple of weeks of its date, please e-mail the Ride Coordinators with a short request to "Approve" your ride.

Ride Updates

Before the quarterly deadline there are few restrictions on what updates you can make. But after the deadline there are restrictions. After the deadline only necessary changes will be allowed. Changes for the convenience of the Ride Leader(s) or to "correct" what should have been posted are not allowed. If conditions change to the point that the ride description must be modified, then an update will be allowed. In the case of an error in the printed Ride Schedule an update will be allowed only if the error renders the ride description unusable.

These restrictions are placed on the rides and ride leader to minimize the number of changes to the schedule during the current quarter. The club’s goal is to maintain the continuity between the printed schedule and the online calendar but still allow for updates when necessary.