Membership Renewal

The Sacramento Bike Hikers are currently accepting Membership Renewal via PayPal. You can use any major credit, knowing that PayPal is safe and secure.

Filling Out the Form - Click here for More Information ...

The Family Membership Form is divided in two sections:
Section 1 - "Name and Contact Information"
Name - Enter your name, first name then last name.
Date of Birth - Your date of birth in the format MM-DD-YYYY (For example: 03-20-1980).
E-Mail* - The "E-mail" address that you would like use if the club ever needs to contact you directly. (Typical usage would be for notification of any special meetings or membership renewal notices)
Phone Number* - The home or cellular phone that you would like the club to use if the club ever needs to contact you or your home.
* The Sacramento Bike Hikers will never share or sell any of your contact intormaiton. This information will only be used for club related business.
Section 2 - "Additional Family Members"
Family Member Name - Enter the names of a qualifying family members that will be riding with the club. Enter their First Name then Last Name. (For example: Joe Jones) Remember - A Family Membership includes two (2) adults, plus any minor childern living at your address.
Date of Birth - Include the date of birth of each Family Member in the format MM-DD-YYYY (For Example: 03-19-19975). Remember that minor children must be accompanied by one of the listed adult family members.
After filling out the form click on the "Continue to Waiver" button
You will be taken to the Release of Liability Weaver page. Please read the Waiver and click in the small box to accept the Release of Liability.
Once you have accepted the Waiver, choose 1 year or 2 year renewal option from the dropdown. Then, click on the "Buy Now" button and pay your dues on PayPal's secure site.
After completing the transaction PayPal will return to the the club's "Thank You" page.
Within a few days the Membership Secretary will update the club's roster and mail you your new Membership Card.

Name and Contact Information:

    Joe Jones    
    (555) 555-5555

Additional Family Members: