Non-members are always welcome to join us on our rides or attend our Club Meetings, It's a great way to learn about the club and its members. (Please note that helmets are required to be worn on all club rides.)

Two Types of Memberships

There are two types of memberships in The Bike Hikers: individual and family. An individual membership is $15 per year and family memberships (2 adults and children under 18) is $20 per year. Members are eligible for discounts at participating bicycle shops in the area. In addition, there are many member social events throughout the year such as the Awards Banquet, Picnic, and Holiday Potluck. Members have an option to have a Ride Schedule mailed to them. The top mileage earners in various categories are honored at the annual Awards Banquet.

To become a member, fill out and sign a membership application and include payment. New members will receive a Welcome Letter and a New Member Information Packet. Application

Current members may use PayPal to renew their membership. Renewal

About Us

The Sacramento Bike Hikers is the oldest continually active bicycle club in the Sacramento area – founded in 1968 as a social/recreational cycling club.

In the early summer of 1968, Audrey Belarde, sister of Cliff Belarde, read a notice of a moonlight bike ride in the newspaper. A group, including members of the Belarde Family and Miles "Woody" Wood, decided it sounded like fun and agreed to attend. The ride was sponsored by the American River Wheelmen. They rode from Eppie's in Florin Center to Elk Grove starting at 11:00 PM and returning to Eppie's for breakfast at 3:00 AM. The group joined the American River Wheelmen and enjoyed the biking, but as time went by decided they could not live with their style of leadership. So, in the Fall of 1968, they were motivated to organize their own bike club. Woody became the first president and Cliff his vice-president. The club affiliation was with A.Y.H. (American Youth Hostel). And thus was born the SACRAMENTO BIKE HIKERS. Their dedication for many years provided the sound foundation that has made the Sacramento Bike Hikers the oldest remaining bike club in the area.

See the club's history from 1968-1978.
Listing of all Officers since 1968 - Officers History

Year-round Cycling

The Club schedules a variety of rides throughout the year. Many rides are held on the American River Bike Trail, a beautiful pathway that follows the American River from Old Sacramento to Beal's Point at Folsom Lake. Non-members are always welcome, and helmets are mandatory on all Club rides. The Sacramento Bike Hikers publish a quarterly Ride Schedule, which provides for year-round cycling. Rides include holiday rides, summer evening rides, weekday/weekend rides, and special Club rides. Non-members are invited to attend rides and Club meetings to get a feel for the Club, without obligation. In addition to various day rides, the Club hosts several overnight tours throughout the year.

Club Tours

Each year Club members organize various cycling tours for the Club. They may be weekend overnights, week long camping adventures or anything in between. Typically, they are on the West Coast within a day’s drive of Sacramento. Tours have included locations like Volcano, Monterey, McMinnville, Oregon and Anacortes, Washington. Club Tours provide an economical alternative to expensive touring companies. The only catch is you must be a member to participate in any of the tours.

Club Meetings

Monthly Club meetings provide business updates, open discussion on Club activities and policies, and feature speakers on subjects of interest. Meetings are held at the Community Clubhouse in Carmichael Park, 5750 Grant Ave., Carmichael, at 7:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month except February, and July. Club meetings are open to all. As a member you can discuss and vote on Club activities and policies.

Cycling Community

The Sacramento Bike Hikers provide member and financial support to cycling-related organizations such as the American River Parkway Foundation, Cycle 4 Hope, 50 Bikes for 50 Kids, SABA, and many other local organizations. The Sacramento Bike Hikers also put on the annual Party Pardee Century for the enjoyment of local area cyclists.

Ride with Us

Non-members are always welcome to join a Club ride or attend a Club meeting, which is a great way to learn about the Club and its members. To make the most of a riding experience with the Club, please review the following information.

Choose a ride

The first thing to do is choose a ride that is appropriate for your abilities - Generally start by joining rides that may seem to be a little on the easy side. (One of the most common mistakes is to go on a ride that is too difficult. It's no fun and can be a bit embarrassing.)

Helmets are Required

Bicycling helmets are required on all Bike Hiker rides. Today's helmets are light weight and well ventilated. There is just no reason not to wear a modern, well-fitted helmet.


  • A bike in good working order.
  • I.D. and Medical Alert Info, if necessary
  • Extra water (even in the winter)
  • Extra food, e.g. an energy bar
  • Money - for a taxi ride, phone, or any un-expected need
  • Tools and parts to repair a flat tire (tire levers, spare tube, patch kit, and tire boot)

Rider Fitness

All new riders to the Club, whether guest, member, novice, beginner, or occasional rider, are expected to be healthy and fit enough to complete any Club ride at the posted pace, grade, and distance. All Club guidelines and literature are based on this core expectation. Every effort will be made not to leave a rider behind. However, riders that begin the ride but demonstrate an inability to complete the ride as posted, may be turned back by the Ride Leader.

Ride Grading Codes

THREE FACTORS make up the ease or difficulty of a ride – not counting such chance factors as traffic, road conditions, and weather. These factors are important considerations for riders when selecting rides in which to participate. However, riders should NOT sign up for rides beyond their ability. Many of our rides are 30+ miles at a pace of about 12 mph to 20+ mph. “Biting off more than you can chew” can result in discouragement or sore muscles and invites accidents.

Terrain Elevation - Represented by an alpha letter.
A - Steep - Mostly steep grades: strong riders only.
B - Steep/Moderate - Some relief from steep grades.
C - Moderate - Hilly; a challenge for the average rider.
D - Moderate/Easy - Rolling hills, a challenge for beginners.
E - Easy - Some gentle grades, but no problems.
F - Flat - If any route is really flat.

Distance - Represented by the actual number of miles.
Pace - Will range in speed between about 12 mph to 20+ mph. Riders tend to increase their pace as they gain experience, fitness, and are challenged by difficulty. Beginners and novices are strongly advised to select easy and short distance rides to start with and progress up the grading scale with experience and capability.

Group Riding

While the Bike Hikers are NOT a racing Club, at times, groups ride in an informal pace-line. Riders new to riding in a group should keep a few things in mind when riding behind, in front of, or next to other riders.
  • Ride smoothly without braking or weaving
  • Signal and/or call out any hazards*
  • Signal and give warning to move out of line.
  • Do not follow too closely.
*There are several "Signals" the riders use to indicate various hazards and changes in speed. While riding within a group watch out for and use these signals. Most accidents occur while riding as a group and can usually be avoided if everyone uses good group riding habits.