Date: Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Title: Folsom Round About Plus
Time: 9:00 AM
Grade: D24/D30
Description: The full Round About Folsom Plus route encompasses 3 climbs and 30 miles. The first climb is up Willow Creek Trail and out the trail below Golf Links then up onto Broadstone via the Tunnel. The Tunnel Fun Route has its own route sheet and leaves the main route after one climb with a broad U turn at the berm following the Humbug Creek trail back down and along the ARBT to complete an easier fun 24 miles. Swept upon request. The Full Round About Folsom Plus Ride continues on from the mid point of the fun ride and takes on Folsom Crossing from easier E. Natomas side then flicks out to Beals Point before heading back down past Karen's to join the ARBT heading to the Fish Hatchery and back for 30 miles.rnAt mile 23 there's an option to swing into La Bou after 3 climbs to complete 24 Miles. This option is popular with the animal in crowd and more on hot summer days.
Location: Meet at the La Bou Bakery & Cafe at Folsom Blvd & Blue Ravine for coffee at 8:30 AM
Ride Leader(s): Phil Agur (530) 318-2163