Date: Sun, May 7, 2017
Title: Three Ride Starts To Scott Road
Time: 7:30 AM
Grade: D+61/D+40/D+27
Description: Part of Scott Rd will be closed to traffic today in honor of rnMay is Bike Month. Wear your Bike Hiker jersey to show our rnsupport of the event and show off our numbers. All three routes will gather at Broadstone Plaza in Folsom to start the Scott Road leg together at 9:15. NO SWEEP RETURN. Check Hot Updates for any last minute changes.
Location: Long ride - meet at 7:30 at Five Points (See Ride Starts for directions)rnMedium Ride - meet at 8:15 at the Fish Hatchery (See Ride Starts for directions) "Parking may be limited". rnShort Ride - meet at 9:15 near Starbucks in the Broadstone Plaza in Folsom. From Hwy 50 take Bidwell St/Scott Rd exit, left on E. Bidwell, left on Broadstone, right into parking lot.
Ride Leader(s): Kathy Wright 212-2374; Michele Fortes 501-9976; Irene Stadt 642-2615